Guitar & Vocal  Student   


Ankur Grover, not just a name but a paragon of dedication, enthusiasm and discipline, a person always craving for music. He is in all senses a true Rockstar. He is a teacher with all the essence of perfection and charisma what makes him a real "Guru". As a student I can say, the trainer who never tries to conceal any tricks of music or things from his students is the best... It helps any student to grow more and more in a short period of time. One thing I definitely want to mention about Ankur Sir that, his knowledge, his way of making things simple, his innovative lesson ideas designed for individuals, make the learning process very much joyful and interesting for his students. In this way the students even learn the most difficult things with so much ease, can't explain with words. His motivation towards his students, his concepts are so effective, that it leaves behind the age limitation and any other difficulties of a student for learning music. No one can believe that I have learnt the basics of playing guitar in just 10 days and all the credit goes to my teacher Ankur Sir. I have rocked my college cultural fests and events many times with his help and encouragement.

He is an awesome composer too. A song titled "TERI YAAD " is an awesome composition by him which is waiting to be released some time soon. He is blessed with a golden voice and immense talent. Blessings of Goddess Saraswati always pours on him whenever he sings...Naturally audience starts moving like a wave in the flow of his mesmerizing tonal quality and expression. His fingers on the guitar makes enchanting notes so great that the tune makes people happy. He really can create a soul calming environment with the power of his music. He has devoted his whole life to the infinite world of music. He made music his first and last love, his God, his everything. As one can never have the shortage of words for his teaching capability and love for music, likewise none can speak less for highly positive attitude and attractive personality. He is a person who easily wins the hearts of people at the very first meeting.

I admire him and give his example to everyone I meet.. I think, that a personality like him comes out naturally from within like the fragrance of a flower.. it can't be built or created. Lastly, I would like to add just one thing about him that, I think he is the best teacher you can ever have in your life... Ankur Sir, Thanks for all you have done for me.

Er. Nitesh Jadon​
Guitar  & Vocal Student
B.Tech (Biotech)
Agra,  UP

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Guitar & Vocal  Student  


"Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa"

The Seven Notes... The whole world of music starts & ends with these... And Someone's world starts with music only... With this tune his day starts.. He bids goodbye to the day with the same. He lives within this tune.. He grooves with it..This is what he grooms with.... He's just nothing without this...

You may think, how come these seven notes of music can be so important to someone's life...But It's true... Ask from those who have already dedicated their entire lives to their passion for music, have devoted themselves totally towards music.. There is one such person with utter passion and zeal to learn more.. He lives, he breaths and he dreams music.. He is truly musical in every possible way.. I feel lucky to get to know him...He is none other than Ankur Grover, My Music Teacher...

Some people are born with talent and some just works real hard to achieve their goal... Now the one who got talent as a gift and more over works hard then, it can be imagined that, what could be the impact of his music. This is what all about Ankur Grover...
He started his tough journey when no one realized his dream and lot of people didn't trusted on his talent.. But that didn't stop him rather made him more stronger day after day... No one knew him then.. but now he is not just a hidden face anymore ..He is like an idol for everyone of us.. A Guide..A Friend..A True Mentor with immense talent.. Whatever he does, is just the best yet he is so modest.. That makes him unique...I have learned lots of things from this friend-cum-guide-cum-brother of mine. I'm thankful to him for whatever he has delivered and imparted.. If u want to learn something just see how this man does.. You'll surely feel the passion and dedication inside him.. His positive attitude towards life will definitely inspire you... Hard to stop appreciating Him for everything.

This note can't get to an end without repeating his quote which he and probably every

friend-cum-student of his believes....

"I'll be a dead man the day I stop learning"

I wish all the best to you brother.. You just rock...\\m//

 Er. Ankit Saxena
Guitar  & Vocal Student
Software Engineer 
Agra,  UP  

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Guitar & Vocal  Student     


"The Bottom Line 

  He Sure Can Shine                                                                                                      

  A  Sun Is Burning Bright   

  A  Star Is Born.... " 


This song actually comes in my mind whenever I think of Ankur Grover, an artist with a strong determination like the burning Sun.

My real friend, my music philosopher and my ultimate guide, Ankur Grover, has been filling a rhythm of musical charm in my life ever since I started learning Guitar from him. Since my childhood I had a dream to play Guitar. Whenever I used to see it on TV, Showrooms or anyone playing it, I felt the strong urge of playing it. But never actually did that. I knew Ankur since my school days and his Guitar playing skills always used to take my breath away. He is a fantastic Singer and can play many other instruments as well like  Harmonium, Tabla and Keyboard. As a friend I knew him but through music I came to know this soul a little bit better. He is indeed a passionate music lover and a true artist. Every single note coming out of his enchanting voice or his  instruments, creates a charismatic effect in everyone's heart. He teaches with such an ease that anyone would be able to learn after a small effort and would start loving music for lifetime surely.


One day after my graduation, I visited his place and heard him playing my favorite  song on Guitar. He was so good at it, that it got me totally involved without realizing that I had spent almost 3 hours just listening to it. That was a mesmerizing experience which truly motivated me to start learning my dream instrument finally. He helped to find me a guitar which was perfect. Within the next 6 months of training Ankur quickly understood my lacunae and  helped me to fill those with his great technique of training. He not only made me from Zero to Hero of Guitar but also worked on my vocals which was another surprising experience. Now I can find my own chords on Guitar, play whatever I like and win the audiences' hearts with my skills. I am happy that, my dream came true and Ankur made it possible. What I truly believe is, he is simply an Outstanding Artist, a fabulous teacher and an amazing person by heart! I wish him all the best.

 Dr. Gajendra Singh

Guitar  & Vocal Student
BAMS, MD (Ayurved ) 
Agra, UP  

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Vocal  Student     


Ankur Grover is a talented Singer and a wonderful teacher. He can teach you exactly what you want to learn. But most importantly, he has great knowledge in every genre of music which helps him to teach just what one individual need particularly. He is easy-going and always encouraging which is very important for any student. But at the same time he is very much serious and  strictly disciplined. I was a vocal student of Him. When I started learning from him I was not a beginner but I had some problems with breathing techniques, pitch etc.. He patiently showed me the typical way of singing both basic Indian Classical and Light music as well. He gave me lot of good vocal exercises and lessons for practicing to improve my tonal quality and depth.  Each day was incredibly productive when I used to take classes from him .


Ankur Grover's unparalleled enthusiasm for life and music, shines through in his playing and teaching style. He shows a strong proficiency in many different styles and on multiple instruments like guitar, keyboard. He's reliable, experienced, professional and a great person all around. One of his main strengths is his ability to convey a given subject matter in a way that is meaningful, constructive and easily understandable. So it helps a student to clear their queries easily.


I feel lucky that I got the chance to learn from such a great music teacher and a great person like him. As a student I am very happy and I am sure all his students are also very happy with their own performance and feel lucky just like me.

 Swati Doshi 

Vocal Student
Student ( 11th standard )
Mumbai, MH 

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Guitar Student   


I Found Ankur Grover's Website While Searching For A Good Guitar Teacher On The Web In My Locality. First, I Emailed Him My Requirement And He Was So Nice To Respond, To Every Email With Detailed Info As Promptly As Possible... This Proves His Professionalism And Seriousness Towards His Work. It Was Really A Head Turner For Me About The Concept Of Guitar Training. I Am Happy That I Have Decided To Learn From Him. It's More Fun Now. He Has So Many Good Reviews On His Site. Now I Know Why..

Ankur Sir Has Totally Transformed, What I Do And What I Play With This Instrument Called Guitar. Oh My!! I Remember How Arduous It Was For Me To Play In Fact Even To Hold Guitar But The Taste Of Experience And Developments While Learning From Him Is Incredible.

Right From The Very First Session I Am Experiencing The Density And Richness Of Positive Aura He Carries With Himself.

No Wonder He Reminds Me Of Very Well Saying “Learning Is Never Done Without Errors And Defeats” And “Every Artist Was At First An Amateur”.
Words May Have Power But Are Not Sufficient To Describe His Excellent Moral Character.

Wish You All The Very Best For Your Future Endeavors, God Bless.

 Abhinaya Kulkarni 

Guitar Student
Legal Professional (C.S.) 
 Mumbai, MH 

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Keyboard Student   

This Letter Of Acknowledgement Is For Ankur Grover, A Professional Singer & Music Teacher.


We Came Across Ankur’s Profile On www.thinkvidya.com , While We Were Looking Out For A Music Teacher For Our Seven Year Old Son, Shreyansh Majumdar, To Teach Him Keyboard. We Wanted Somebody, Who Could Train Our Son, Yet Make It A Fun Experience For Him. We Spoke To Ankur A Few Times Before And Post Meeting Him, We Immediately Knew That, He Was The Right Person For Our Son. We Were Not Wrong.

Ankur Is A Wonderful Person And A Very Good Teacher. He Is Patient, Sometimes Firm But, Always Encouraging. He Brings A Lot Of Enthusiasm And That Rubs On To His Students. He Also Has A Lovely Voice And We Are Now, Planning To Start Vocal Classes For Our Son With Him. It's Been Almost Five Months Now He Is Teaching My Son And Our Overall Experience Has Been Very Good With Him. Most Importantly, My Son Enjoys His Company And Has Made Good Progress Already. So, As Parents We Are Really Happy.

Through This Testimonial, I Highly Recommend Ankur Grover As A Very Good Music Teacher.

Subhasis Majumdar 
Father Of Keyboard Student
Chartered Accountant
Mumbai, MH