Keyboard Student   




Ankur Grover provides keyboard lessons to our son, Sushant Nariangadu, aged 6...

Few months back, we received an advertisement pamphlet with our newspaper. It was offering music / keyboard training at home by Mr. Ankur Grover. That time we were also looking for an experienced music teacher for our son. We contacted him and after a few phone discussions,  he started giving keyboard lesson to our 6 year old son, Sushant...



We are so glad that, we gave this advertisement a serious consideration and went ahead with it. Ankur ensured that he can develop a very good teacher–student rapport with our son within a short period of time… this was very important since our son is only 6 years old. He needs to be friendly with his teacher and then only he can enjoy what he learns. Ankur fine tuned his approach appropriately so that, our son enjoys the sessions.



We appreciate the way, what Ankur has developed a stern-jovial approach with our son, ensuring that the sessions being very focused, yet don’t become boring for our son. One of the highlights of his training is, the fact, that he explains to us what was covered that day after every session. The reason behind it is, a 6 year old can’t remember everything. We don't expect our son to understand everything completely but, now we have a very good understanding and this helps us while we help our son practice. We are really happy with our son’s growth.



Through this testimonial we highly recommend Ankur Grover, as a very sincere, kid friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and focused music teacher. 

K. V. Usha 
Mother Of  Keyboard Student
Home Maker
Mumbai, MH
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Watch Ankur Music Classes Student's Perfomance
Watch Ankur Music Classes Student's Perfomance

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Keyboard & Vocal  Student  

​​Mr. Ankur Grover Has Been Giving Music Lessons To My 9 Years Old Daughter Riddhi & Me For The Last Few Months. He Has Proved To Be Not Only An Excellent Teacher, But Also, Has A Very Deep Understanding Of How To Motivate And Inspire Children As Well As Grown Ups To Achieve The Best Results...



My Daughter Is Learning Keyboard & Vocal From Him. He Has A Proficient Knowledge In Both Western & Hindustani Classical Music. He Is Very Patient And Has Proved His Teaching Experience By Being Able To Assess And Teach Every Student According To Their Capabilities... My Daughter’s Progress Is Noticeable Within This Short Period. I’m Happy That, She Is In Good Hands.



Along With My Daughter, I’m Also Learning Keyboard From Him. I Must Say, He Changes His Teaching Method And Makes It Easily Understandable For The Students Depending On The Subject (Instrumental / Vocal ), Age Of Student & Level Of Learning. He Gives Same Attention To Teach Basic Music Theory And Authentic Practical Sessions. This Helps His Students To Make A Strong Foundation, No Matter What Subject They Are Learning. I Personally Feel Very Comfortable Learning With The Easy Going Yet Useful Method Of Training.



I’m Happy To Have A Very Sincere, Knowledgeable, Experienced Music Teacher Like Ankur Grover.   I Would Definitely Recommend Him To All Interested Regardless Of Their Ages.

All The Best . Thanks.

 Rekha M.
(Keyboard & Vocal Student)
Mumbai,  MH 

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Guitar  Student     

It’s Been Few Months Since, I First Started Learning Guitar Under The Tutelage Of Ankur Grover Sir. I Must Mention, That, All I Knew About The Instrument Before I Started My First Class With Him, Was How To Hold The Instrument. It’s Hard To Believe But True… Within Just Couple Of Months, I Learned How To Transition Through Basic Chords And How To Read Music & Staff Notations.



I Love The Way He Has Designed His Curriculum And Exercises. The Curriculum Is Divided Into Many Modules, Which Graduate In Difficulty. The Exercises Make This Transition Extremely Subtle Yet Effective. He Will Make Sure You Have Mastered These Exercises Before You Move On. His Strive For Excellence Makes Any Subsequent Learning Much Easier. His Emphasis On Theory Helps You To Ensure, That You Are Not Blindly Trying To Meddle With The Strings. But, You Are Rather Able To Understand The Principles Behind Every Chord Formation And Note Played On The Instrument.



Every Week, Not Only He Prepares New Lessons Depending On Your Improvement But, He Even Takes Time To Ensure That, You Are Practicing Well Over The Week Via Texts. This Is Something That, Motivates You To Work Harder For The Next Class. Provided You Have A Passion For Music And Are Willing To Work Hard, Ankur Sir,  Will Ensure You Learn As Much As You Can In The Shortest Possible Time & With The Best Possible Quality. Last But, Not The Least, He Is A Sweet Person To Interact With And An Accomplished Musician. Not Every Teacher Has The Capability To Make Difficult Things Easy For The Students. And That’s His Specialty. I Am Really Happy To Have Him As My Guitar Teacher.

 Aditya Banerjee 
Guitar Student
Student ( 11th standard )
Mumbai, MH 

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