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The Rising of A RockStar


 “You Can Do Anything If You Have Enthusiasm And Passion. Passion Is The Yeast That, Makes Your Hopes Rise To The Stars ... And Makes Your Dreams True… I Have No Special Talents. I Am Only Passionately Curious To Learn & Do Whatever I Do....”


This Is How The Young Talented Singer Explains Himself, Whose Power Packed Voice Can Rush Your Adrenaline Flow And Make You Mesmerized. He Is The Versatile Singer, Musician Of Today's World - Ankur Grover.  The Down To Earth Man With An Amazing God Gifted Voice And A Self-Made Aura Of Personality & Knowledge…


Ankur Was Born On 22nd June To Mr. Vishal Grover And Late Mrs. Urmila Grover In The City Of Love… Agra, Uttar Pradesh. As A Born Cancerian, Obviously  He Is Emotional, Sensitive, Sentimental By Nature. Naturally Loves Traditions, History & Art… He Is Indeed Unique In His Own Way … He Is Normally Religious And Very Respectful Towards His Own Culture But At The Same Time  Open Minded Enough To Respect Other Religions Too ... He Believes Firmly In The Oneness Of Mankind And The Quest For Truth, Throughout His Life.


"There Is No Alternative To Hardwork. Every Work Done With Passion Reaches It’s Highest Cliff. Whatever We Do With Passion Gives Us Success "  – Ankur Firmly Follows Every Word Of This Truth By His Heart.. No Doubt It Reflects On His Works As Well..


Whatever He Sings Or Plays Reflects The Soulfulness Of Tunes And Lyrics. Each And Every Song He Presents Is Dipped Into Sweetness Of True Emotions. These Emotions Can Only Come Out From The Deep Passion For Music, Which Is Flowing Underneath His Soul Every Moment… This Passion Is Making Him More ‘In Love’ With His Music By Each Passing Day.   It Somehow Defines His Existence…


The Buds Of Music Started Blooming In His Heart When He Was Just A Kid. Though That Time He Didn’t Have Any Technical Knowledge About Music.. But He Had Enough Enthusiasm To Capture The Flow Of The Notes  And The Ability To Express Any Song Properly.   The Sense Of  Tune, Rhythm & Expression, These Three Key Ingredients Of Any Music Always Kept Flowing In His Heart. So It Was Obvious That Someday It Would Turned Out To Be A Great Singer /Musician. But The Journey Wasn’t Easy At All.


Playing Class Room Desk And Have Fun With Rhythm During His School Days, Was The Very First Step Of This Journey… Singing In School Choir Was Another Tiny Move Towards His Future Musical Career. Ankur Still Gets Very Nostalgic, Remembering His First Stage Performance… It Was At The Age Of 12, In Agra , In A Community Function. That Little Kid Got Lots Of Good Compliments That Day From Everyone And Brought Tears To The Eyes Of Many Listeners With His Enchanting Voice And Heart Melting Expressions.  This Was Followed By Several Programs In School Choir , Inter-College Competitions Etc. And Thus The Journey Began Through The Rough Water. He Finally Decided To Turn His Passion To His Profession.


After A While He Realized That Only Passion Doesn’t Work To Pursue Any Great Thing.. It Needs Proper Training And Practice To Have A Grip Over Any Kind Of Music. Ankur Started Learning Light Classical Music From Pt. Shri Ram Mohan Dube. His Gurus Taught Him Not Only Music But Also To Feel The Mood Of The Song, Breath Slowly & Properly In Right Place. He Started Seeing The Words Of The Song By Which His Thought, Way Of Singing And Expression Got Improved...  Ankur’s Hindustani Classical Guru Pt. Shri Sadanand Brhambhatt, Is Very Close To His Heart Who Showed Him The Exact Path Of Learning Authentic Music And Helped Him To Enhance His Tonal Quality. Ankur Got His Sangeet Prabhakar Diploma In 2010. He Has Also Taken Vocal Proficiencies From Shri Kuldeep Singh Ji And Shri Gautam Mukherjee, One Of The Most Famous Voice Trainer Of Bollywood. Last But Not The Least, He Feels Very Lucky To Have A Very Supportive Family In His Musical Journey.


Over The Past Few Years, Ankur Has Performed Professionally In Many Big Events.. He Has Bagged Lot Of Appreciation Wherever He Travelled In Whole India During His Shows. He Is Acclaimed For His Versatile Style Of  Singing And A Very Intense Power Packed Soulful Voice. Ankur Is Known For His Expressions In Singing. He Has The Great Ability To Create The Proper Ambiance Of Any Song, Because He Sings From His Heart.. He Presents Every Song With A Beautiful Wrap Of Emotion And Passion. This Makes His Listeners Mesmerized All The Time.

He Was Attached With Different Bands In Agra From 2003 To 2008. He Formed His Own Band "Rising Star" On 17th May, 2009. It Was One Big Leap On His Musical Career Graph. Rising Star Soon Became A Very Popular Name In Agra. They Were Even Featured In Zee News As A Famous Local Band.


In Our Lives There Always Happens Something At Some Point Which Becomes The Turning Point For Us.. That Point Becomes A Mile Stone On The Rough Road Of Our Struggle, Our Dreams.. It Pays Off Our Hardwork..

July, 2010.. Was Such A Time In Ankur’s Life, When He Got Selected For A Singing Competition, The TV Reality Show Named Idea Pride Of Up.. It Changed His Life Quite A Bit. This Competition Enhanced His Confidence.. Made Him Realize The Proper Approach Of A Professional Singer.. He Always Had A Beautiful Voice And Awesome Expressive Singing Capacity.. But He Didn’t Know How Bigger He Can Think With His Career.. How Much Opportunity Is Waiting For Him In Future.. 

In That Competition He Became One Of The Top 8 Finalists.

He Got Lots Of Honest Appreciation And Words Of Inspiration From The Honourable Judges.. They Were So Impressed With His Singing, That He  Won The “Zen Performer Of The Day” Title Twice During The Competition..  Ankur Decided Moving To Mumbai In 2011 After P.O.U.P  To Fulfill His Dreams And Achieve More Opportunities... He Is Now Residing In Mumbai, The Dream City Of Any Musician ... Finding His Way To His One And Only Goal And Stardom...He Wants To Be A True Rockstar In Every Way...

Ankur Is A Very Good Trainer.. His Guitar, Keyboard And Vocal Students Loves His Easy And Technical Way Of Training.. He Got Bunch Of Happy Students In Agra And Mumbai.


Ankur Grover Stepped Into The Stairs Of Success As A Thunderbolt On Stage In 2003.. For His Immense Impact Of Wonderful Singing  And As Well As His Stage Presence Has Made Him Welcoming To The Audience. More Over Gave Him The Opportunity To Travel In Different Cities Through Out India , Vastly For Eminent Shows. He Is Known For His Performances In Cultural Evenings, Corporate Events, Fairs, Community Festivals , Dandotsavs And Navratri Etc.

He Is Open To All Kinds Of Music But, What Always Looking  For Is, That The Music Should Have Some Substance In It.  He Is  A Good Critic Of Music .. He Just Expects The Best Out Of It. His Dream Is To Compose, Arrange, Sing His Own Songs And Creating A Different Aspect Of Signature Presentation Of His Music Someday...

His Journey Is Like A Voyage Through The Ocean Of Music Which Has Engulfed His Days And Nights....With All The Blessing Of Elders, Love Of His Friends And Admirers He Is Moving Towards His Goal ... He Dreams , Breaths And Eats Music..

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